Matheson Bayley — Biography

Matheson Bayley is, first and foremost, a composer, arranger, orchestrator and lyricist, having written for film, television, theatre, choirs, orchestras, computer game soundtracks, jazz bands, pop artists & classical instrumentalists throughout the world. (See Composing & Arr. for more detailed information.)
With wide-ranging influences and experience in fields as diverse as musical theatre, pop, contemporary Classical choral music & modern jazz, as well as a keen interest in the instrumentation and rhythms of non-Western music, Matheson is widely recognised for his extraordinary versatility, creativity and technical mastery across genres. His primary area of specialisation and greatest love, however, has always been musical theatre. (See Audio Samples)

Matheson achieved the highest mark in the United Kingdom for A-Level Music with his 1st Piano Concerto, Rhapsody In Black & White, and was subsequently awarded one of the three much-sought-after places on the Media & Applied Music Composition course at London's prestigious Royal Academy of Music. Having previously receiving a music scholarship to Hampton School, Matheson's astounding aural and improvisational abilities brought him Honours from the Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music with an unprecedented score of 100% in Grade 8 Practical Musicianship, aged 16, followed by the Henry R Eyers Prize for the highest mark at the Royal Academy of Music's Special-Level (Post-Advanced) Aural Skills, aged 21.

An experienced musical director, conductor, sound producer & vocal/instrumental coach, Matheson has more than 20 theatrical shows to his credit, from Jermyn Street Theatre to the London Palladium, as well as the direction and production of recording sessions for several artists' albums, and countless other cabarets, concerts, and television sound designs. (See Theatre, Performing & Discography)

Also a multi-instrumentalist, Matheson has played in bands and orchestras, accompanied musical theatre and pop singers, and performed as soloist in shows, concerts and gigs on some 25 musical instruments, and in more than 50 countries, including playing cello on stage with the French entry at the Eurovision Song Contest 2006. (See Performing)
It is on the piano, however, that Matheson has developed his most virtuosic technique, with a distinctive personal style that earned him the review from Fringe Report: "Exuberant showmanship coupled with showbiz razzmatazz and Chopin-esque precision: Matheson is Liberace for the 21st Century!"

Matheson has lent his vocal talents, both as a singer and actor, to over 20 animated films by Disney, DreamWorks, Touchstone Pictures & Tim Burton, as well as on a soundtrack for a Playstation video game, on the soundtrack for the award-winning fringe-film, Sugartown, on the theatrical stage, and on several albums, both as soloist and backing singer. (See Disney Vocals & Discography)

Beyond music, Matheson is also an accomplished polyglot, speaking six languages fluently (plus several others to varying levels), and his linguistic abilities have been put to use as a written translator, live interpreter, academic editor, BBC journalist & phonetics and modern languages teacher. Matheson's multilingualism, knowledge of the music industry, and 'gift for the gab', came to the attention of the European Broadcasting Union in 2006, resulting in Matheson's presenting the official behind-the-scenes documentary for the Eurovision Song Contest 2006, interviewing all the participating artists in 12 languages while providing simultaneous translations. (See Other Work)

Matheson has taught music theory, improvisation, piano, and orchestration to private students and various Performing Arts schools, and was privileged to spend an enriching year in East Africa at Kiira College, Uganda, teaching Western Classical Music and modern languages to the Busoga tribe. Matheson has lived in Athens, Stockholm, Paris, Jinja & Amsterdam, and is currently based in London.

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