Technical Help

Technical Help


Solutions to technical problems you may encounter while using this site.

  1. Change Text Size
  2. Font Problems/Garbage Characters

Change Text Size

Text Too Big or Too Small?

This Web site is fully customisable, so you can choose any text size you wish.

How to change text size using Internet Explorer

  1. Go the the View menu at the top of the Interet Explorer browser window
  2. Navigate down to Text Size, and select whichever size you want

I'm not using Internet Explorer...

Rather than my reinventing the wheel, check out Stephen Poley's superb Adjusting Text Size in Your Browser for instructions for all other browsers.

Font Problems/Garbage Characters

It's most likely that the characters you're seeing as small sqaures or other bizarre symbols are a result of your not having a font installed on your computer that caters for foreign alphabets.

Modern Greek alpgabet

Ancient/Polytonic Greek alphabet



A side note...

Mozilla Firefox is a browser that intelligently chooses fonts according to which special characters are required by a site.

It's certainly worth considering as an alternative to Internet Explorer.
Download Mozilla Firefox Broswer (free).

Alan Wood has instructions for specific browsers at Unicode and Multilingual Browsers.

Alan Flavell has specific instructions for a number of browser versions (not all the same ones) at I18n - Browsers and fonts. Scroll down to “Font configuration per browser”.

Installing a Font

First check whether you already have a suitable font. From Control Panel, select Fonts. A font that’s bigger than about 150 KB most likely contains the Unicode characters you’ll need to view math pages. Here are some possibilities, though other fonts of the same type would also be suitable:

  • serif font: Times New Roman, about 320 KB
  • sans-serif font: Arial, about 270 KB
  • monospace font: Courier New, about 300 KB

If you don’t have suitable fonts already, you can download good ones from the Web for free. (They are offered for free; I wouldn’t suggest piracy.) The simplest thing probably is to see Alan Flavell’s I18n - Browsers and fonts and scroll down to “MS Web Fonts Pack”.

If you’re really into fonts, you can delve into this subject more deeply at these links:

Once you’ve got the font(s) you need, here’s how to install them:

  1. Go to Control Panel, then Fonts.
  2. Select File → Install New Font.
  3. In the dialog box, notice the check box for “Copy fonts to Fonts folder”. Make sure it’s set the way you want.
  4. Use the Drives and Folders lists to navigate to your new font files, then select the files in the “List of fonts” window.
  5. Click OK.

Then configure your browser to use the newly installed fonts.

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