Lyrics & Writing

Lyrics & Writing

“The Countries Song”

The Countries Song

Music & Lyric by Matheson Bayley, 2007

I was brought up on a farm
With an inbred sort of charm
Quite off-putting when it's time to sow your oats
All ten fingers, all ten toes
Not that common, heaven knows
One is forced to take one's pick from sheep and goats (baaa!)

But I've quickly come to see
This ain't the place to be
I've been living in too small a pond
But I'll find my perfect match
For there are more fish to catch
When exploring the oceans beyond…

I'll search: <deep breath> Sri…

Verse 1
…Lanka, Malaysia, St Lucia, Abkhazia
Mauritius, Transnistria, Guinea, Macau
Cameroon, Lithuania, Chad, Mauritania
Tristan da Cunha and Guinea-Bissau

Czech Republic, Bhutan and Uzbekistan
Madagascar, South Africa, Azerbaijan
Trinidad & Tobago, The Congo and Togo
And Tonga and Tajikistan

Mozambique, Puerto Rico, Benin, San Marino, U.K.
U.A.E., Israel, Switzerland U.S. of A.
Equatorial Guinea and Papua New Guinea
The Faroes and Finland and France

I'll pray that I'm not gonna run out of places
To look for that one in a billion faces
'Cause somewhere out there though I've no idea where
Is my next big chance!

Bridge 1
Christmas Island and Iceland and Åland, Albania
Serbia, Norfolk and Norway, Romania
Falklands and Ireland and Saudi Arabia
Suriname, Vietnam

Wallis-Futuna, Slovenia, North Mariana
Gibraltar, Armenia, Malta, Botswana
Zimbabwe and Italy, China and Chile
And Georgia, Andorra, Guam

<spoken> (That's how crazy I am!)

Verse 2
Iraq and Slovakia, N-S Korea
Dominica, Denmark and Kenya, Palau
Eritrea, Dominican Rep, Tanzania
And São Tomé 'n' Príncipe, Tokelau

Belarus and Bahrain, Uganda and Spain
The Gambia, Zambia and The Ukraine
In Jordan and Germany, Fiji and Jersey
Jamaica, Djibouti and Laos

Costa Rica, Barbados, Afghanistan, Egypt, Japan
Northern Cyprus, Honduras, Bahamas, Iran
Nicaragua, Monaco, Cuba, Nauru
Vanuatu, Lesotho, Peru

I'll travel by boat or by bike or by train
Helicopter or hovercraft, parachute, plane
Because somewhere out there though I've no idea where
Is my dream come true!

Bridge 2
South Ossetia, Tunisia and French Polynesia
Belize, Indonesia, Brazil, Micronesia
Antilles, Sierra Leone, Saint Helena
Aunguilla, Philippines

Svalbard and Marshall, Algeria, Niger, Liberia
Lebanon, Libya, Namibia, Nigeria,
Antigua & Barbuda, Aruba, Bermuda
Saint Vince & the Grenadines

Verse 3
In Poland, Cambodia, Pitcairn, Mongolia
Saint Pierre & Miquelon, Solomon Islands
Somaliland, Mali, Somalia, Malawi
Angola, Samoa, Tuvalu and Thailand

Gabon, C.A.R., Hong Kong, Myanmar
Guatemala, Grenada and Côte d'Ivoire
Turks & Caicos and Kosovo, Comoros, Cocos
And Canada, Cook and Qatar

In Nagorno-Karabakh, Kiribati and Kazakhstan
In The Caymans and Haiti, Kuwait, Kyrgyzstan
Niue, U.S. Samoa, Morocco, Moldova
Mayotte, Montenegro, Brunei

I'll search high and low, through the desert or snow
Over mountain, volcano and jungle I'll go
Because somewhere out there though I've no idea where
Somewhere out there — though I've no idea where! —
Is a true blue sky!!

Bridge 3
U.K. and U.S.A. Virgins and Guernsey, Oman
In Cape Verde and Turkey and Turkmenistan
Argentina, The Maldives, The D.R. of Congo
And Yemen, Senegal

Saint Kitts & Nevis, Australia, Austria, Man
Cyprus, Syria, Swaziland and The Sudan
And Colombia, Hungary, Western Sahara
And Portugal and Nepal

Verse 4
In Luxembourg, Liechtenstein, Latvia, Palestine
Russia, Croatia, Rwanda, Guyana
The Vatican, Paraguay, Panama, Uruguay
Belgium, Burundi, Bulgaria, Ghana

From El Salvador, Taiwan, Singapore
Bangladesh, The Seychelles, Pakistan, Ecuador
Venezuela, The Netherlands, Sweden, New Zealand
Ascension and East Timor

Ethiopia, Montserrat, Mexico, New Caledonia
Estonia, India, Slav Macedonia (Estonia, Former Y.R. Macedonia)
Bosnia & Herzegovina, Burkina
Faso and Greenland and Greece…

Through the Americas, Africa & Australasia
Through Europe, Antarctica, Arctic & Asia
I'll seek out the best as I go on my quest
For the golden fleece!


Yeah! I'll hunt and I'll stride the continental divides
Every country worldwide and then a few more besides:
Some territories overseas, disputed bound'ries, sov'reignties
<under breath> (They helped with the metre 'n' rhyme!)

Yes, I'm after affection from a foreign affair
And though perfection is rare, it's somewhere out there!

Though to travel the world is linguistically tough…
English alone is tongue-twisting enough!

No, I'll only get homesick and want to come back
And my mum'll be having a panic attack
To Hell with visas; Richter-eight quakes;
Tropic diseases; poisonous snakes…

No matter where I'll be, I can't go on denying
There ain't no girl out there for me (if you get what I'm implying…)
And hey, the world is hard to see when you're terrified of flying…

So I'm staying at home — wherever I roam
Is a waste of time!

Matheson Bayley © 2007
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