Lyrics & Writing

Lyrics & Writing

“I'm Older Now”

I'm Older Now

Music & Lyric by Matheson Bayley, 2003


Out my way
Coz we are through
Out my way
I’m older

(I’m older now)
(I’m older)
(I, I, I’m older, older, older now)

Verse 1

You run around ’til you drop, but stop – take a breath
Enjoy the ovation
Blow your trombone and damn expectations
Careful your own ain’t smothered to death

A little voice to the right – a voice to the left
But you ain’t no yo-yo
Get up and go from Tonga to Togo
But not because I told you so

Bridge 1

No matter what lies ahead
Should the green turn to red, just spread your wings
’Coz there ain’t no fate
So it ain’t check-mate, no
Till the fat lady sings


Out my way
I’ll roll the dice
Your good advice is all very nice but
Come what may
I’ll pay the price
So shut up
I told ya now
I’m older now
I’m older now

Verse 2

Why sit politely and nod? God gave you a voice
You just gotta use it
Whip yourself up and move to the music
If you trip up get back on your feet

You may keep icing the puck, but your luck’ll come back
Unbuckle your seat-belt
You sing in the shower, why not the street?
Belt it out ’til all the windows crack

Bridge 2

You live and learn and rebel
Turn it up – what the Hell – ten decibels
And trust yourself
Just yourself
Don’t need nobody else

Repeat Chorus


I’ve taken in what you said
But I’ve chosen instead
To shed my skin
’Coz now we’re through
I’ve grown out of you, boy
You’re in for a shock
It’s nonsense o’clock
Let the rafters rock
I can live without you but not without chocolate
Outta my way I’m hot for some chocolate!

Repeat Chorus

Matheson Bayley © 2003
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