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“Immigration Application”

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A selection of names that cropped up on immigration application forms:

Immigration Application

Wordplay by Matheson Bayley, 2006

A Greek: A. Costa Dabaidopolis

A Hungarian: Mária Fórener Forizpászport

An Eritrean: Anim Ploid

An Estonian-Hungarian: Arvo Iddarést

A Turk: Illi Gallihir

A few Indians:
Rose Patel
Darti Baggah
Korna Shoppônah
Anni Anbajee

A Ukrainian: Proteshtin Zashtrits

A Frenchman: Pat Riotique

Chinese: I. Monica Ming Wo Ching Yu

Peruvian: Lass Tinka

And a Serb: Slobadan Maishirtchy

Two Russians: Tina Uini Bikinski & her sister Nidda Uakski

A Jap (English people call her Camilla): Kamela Ledi

Some Swedes: B. Lund F. Ulla Krap

A girl from the island of Åland with a Finnish firstname (‘j’ pronounced like a ‘y’), and a Swedish surname: Patja Klothesson

A Nigerian friend of mine –Tim – married his Malian love Natti: Natti Ngduwing ‘n’ Tim Baktu

A Ghanan: Zilliu Anker

Matheson Bayley © 2006
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